About Us

We Provide Outsourced IT Solutions for Small and Mid- Sized Businesses

S & T is an IT solution provider that provides services like IT Management Services, IT Designing Services, Data Security Services, Infrastructure Planning Services, Custom IT solutions and much more. The IT solutions offered by us for your business are very easy to select, set up and finally manage, on a day to day basis. No matter what kind of IT service you are looking out for, whether it’s related to wireless networking or data backup or even just trying to understand your current environment, S&T is adept in providing expertise to help build the right strategy for your business.

We provide scalable solutions for your small or mid-sized businesses. The solutions are designed specifically keeping in mind the needs of the businesses, like easy management, quick employment and affordable services. We take care of everything so that you can concentrate all your focus on all the other important aspects that will bring continued success to your business.

Our main aim is to assemble a more efficient network for you that has greater capabilities, capacity and security.

Who are we

Custom IT solutions for your Businesses

You now have a partner to help you streamline your business, boost up customer acquisition and aid in the retention of your customers.

S & T provides solutions with the following core competencies, System, Security, Network and Services. We strive to be value-added providers for our customers and have been successful to some extent in doing so. We make every possible effort to take your business to great heights. Our support remains with our customers 24 X 7. We are 100% loyal and committed to our customers and work every second to make their business SUCCESSFUL. S & T company has the experience and the expertise to help your business meet the ultimate goals and objectives faster than expected with very low risk.


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