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Does your business struggle with IT? If yes, we are here to lend a hand. Most of the businesses in this day and age are having a tough time hiring, training and retaining the right IT talent to keep their technology modern and up-to-date. The services that S&T offers for small and growing businesses are designed in such a way that it makes the life of the business owners simple. If you are someone looking for IT solutions for your business, have a look at our top-notch IT Services.

Knack Database



Knack transforms spreadsheets into web database applications without the need for coding. It allows anyone to build database applications that can store and access data, initiate reports, and be shared with lots of people.

We are Expert in developing knack databases for small and big enterprises.

We offer hourly as well as project-based services. you can also purchase multiple hrs with discounted prices

  1. Leff then 10 hrs ->$100/hr
  2. 10 hrs of building/customization knack application -> $800
  3. 100 hrs of building/customization knack application -> $7000

We offer monthly maintenance as well.

  1. 1-10 hr of maintenance – $600
  2. 10-25 hr of  maintenance – $1200
  3. 25 to 50 hr of maintenance- $2000 any extra hrs 70/hr

S&T‘s IT Designing Services are helpful in correcting any kind of technical issues that are impeding the growth and success of the company. During such engagements, you will frequently get to know about the underlying issues about which you were otherwise not aware. S&T will constantly demonstrate the value it will bring to your business from the very start.

Network Design

S&T will design seamless networks for your business that will make your existing IT infrastructure much more efficient without compromising or jeopardizing the company security.

Data Management & Storage Design

Management of data is an essential component of any business strategy. For you to run your business smoothly you will always be in need of data and storage. Many companies struggle on a day-to- day basis with data storage costs, data growth, data protection and long-term data storage capacity. S&T consultants perform storage assessments to help businesses like yours to make cost-effective and intelligent storage management decisions. By uncovering the underutilized space/storage, S&T will effectively manage your ever-increasing data needs.

Trust S&T to recommend the most appropriate storage management approach to effectively differentiate data on the basis of amount, location and type, and also provide recommendations to optimize your storage technologies across the complete data centre stack.

Virtualization Design

S&T creates reliable, stable and scalable architectures that influence virtualization technologies which in turn reduce the hardware costs.

S&T’s IT Management Services ensures that an organization is able to maximize its business value by using Information technology. IT management services means the service provider will work across the complete lifecycle of the business, which includes sticking to the original strategy, studying the design transition and into the live operation.

IT Management Services of S&T has some set principles that focus mainly on the value of your business and its continuous improvement.

S&T’s Data Security Service offers a holistic technology solution to secure the sensitive data of your organization across creation, use and transmission. They use Data-Centric Security that incorporates a strategy that is risk-based along with data protection solutions to protect your organization’s sensitive and critical data across its lifecycle.

Our Data Security Services implement data loss protection techniques and solutions at multiple levels. Our services align with any governance management framework. S&T understands that at the heart of each and every business whether big or small there is critical data, be it employee data, intellectual property data, bank data or client data. We will organize and classify each data your business uses by creating a data classification chart and implement policies and security controls to ensure that the data of your business/ organization is well protected.

If you are looking for someone to manage and maintain your Infrastructure Planning Services then there is no better option than S&T.

Companies big or small are choosing to outsource their IT infrastructure Services, this could be because of lack of resources to do it on their own or see it as a wise investment. Businesses now realise and recognize that having a trusted hand at the tiller is definitely an intelligent choice. The team at S&T has expert consultants who provide proven Infrastructure Planning Services that are tailored to your needs/requirements. We plan everything for your business meticulously and assist in quality infrastructure support for servers, devices, firewalls, desktops and backup devices.

If you are having trouble determining the root cause of the challenges you are facing in your business, or wish to uncover new opportunities; S&T’s technology experts will provide you with IT solutions to :

  • Correlate data to provide insight into your System & their performance
  • Document the System and to analyze traffic patterns
  • Identify any kind of current and potential System issues

We are here for you to build a plan and support your strategy. We work along with our best experts to provide custom IT solutions that would satisfy your long-term goals while being cost-effective. With us, you shall see fast results. Our solutions are unique to each and every business’s needs.

Cloud database can be explained as a collection of informational content which is either unstructured or structured and resides on a public, private or a hybrid cloud computing infrastructure platform. Cloud Database is a database service that is built and accessed through a cloud platform. In this service the users install the software on a cloud infrastructure to implement the database. This enables enterprise users to host database without having to buy a dedicated hardware.

S&T’s cloud database solutions offer a entire portfolio of managed services for data and analytics which could be hybrid, open source-based approach that addresses the data requirements of data scientists, application developers, IT architects to deliver long-term and immediate benefits.

IT Automation Solutions are the practices and tools that are used to automate jobs, process batches and workflows throughout IT. It offers a wide variety of practices, tools and capabilities. It is not surprising that this field is rapidly evolving and is seeing continuous advancements in digital technology. You can simply not get everything done effectively with the help of manual processes; hence every business needs IT automation which S&T can assist you with. S&T has your back across every single aspect of automation regardless of the operating system, so that you can cut down on the costs and overhead. Our aim is to help you build an improved IT.


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